I am a video producer, director, cinematographer and editor based in Kelowna, BC. I also manage a web video marketing agency called Grand Cross Media.

I am currently available to produce/direct commercial video projects and look forward to producing more multi-camera video programs. If you have a need or interest in producing any such projects please reach me through Grand Cross Media, +1 (778) 760-0464.

The notTV project is still in development, along with some original program, including the flagship program called NotNow.tv.

We’re finishing the pilot here in Kelowna, so you’ll be able to see the concept for NotNow.tv and what the notTV community will look like. We’ll be looking for web series, music videos and short films. And the projects that are eligible for the countdown need to support the notTV vision:

notTV is a global media cooperative for artists to co-create and share high vibrating media and contribute to the creation of a better world.

We’ll explore what this vision means throughout the first season of the NotNow.tv show. But, basically… we’re looking for content that leaves people better off because they watched it.

If you know of any artists or creators who might resonate with our vision be sure to share this with them and tell them to send us a link to their content or website through our Facebook page notTV.