TravisCrossHeadshot_July2017_webI am the Founder and CEO of a online broadcasting start-up tech company called notTV. I’m also a video producer, director, cinematographer and editor based in Kelowna, BC, and manage a web video marketing agency called Grand Cross Media.

The notTV project is in alpha stage development, currently testing its prototype in Kelowna. We are curating wholesome and intentionally created media for a better world. notTV is #MediaForABetterWorld.

If you know of any artists or creators who might resonate with the vision of notTV please send them to the notTV website and tell them to sign up for the newsletter to find out how notTV will empower their creativity.

If there is anything you or your family need, please let me know. I endeavor to be of service to all and travel helping those who need it while bringing gifts of exchange to and from others.