Life is a beautiful thing, we take it for granted; although that is most likely the result of our upbringing and the influence of society. But, it’s time to remember at your deepest essence who you really are, why you are really here, and what it all is.

What it all is?

Scientific advances in the fields of Quantum Mechanics and Particle Theory have touched on some very fascinating discoveries. I’m not sure what the most recent experiments are, but at the very essence absolutely everything in existence and out side of “existence,” or manifested reality, is all made up of energy. But what is energy? In grade school we learn about various categorizations of energy such as mechanical, electric, kinetic, but what is energy at the most fundamental level? Concepts can be explained, but to truly understand its potential one must experience it, become aware of it, and share it.

Smile, because the source of all things is accessible to all things. You just have to ask where to look.