Everybody has a purpose, everything has a purpose. If we take the time to define our purpose we can begin to feel it and live it… set a vision around it, and create goals that take us where we want to go.

Well, the internet is truly a revolutionary place? It’s not a tangible thing, what is the internet?

My goal in writing this blog is to document my thoughts, my direction, my purpose. And maybe I’ll even get some readers who share a commonality with me and together we may work on a project together. Now that would be awesome!

So what is my purpose? Well, I’ve been trying to figure that out. I feel this urge to create media, videos, entertainment. But I keep holding myself back. Why? I guess if I can’t come up with a clear vision I feel like I would be wasting my time. I’ve done many projects before that have felt incomplete, but I may never return to them. I should clarify, for the time being… until this blog develops its own direction its purpose is a place for me to articulate my thoughts about my work. The world is becoming more collaborative and open than ever before, and the point is we can all share our information for the best. The greatest achievement will be the discovery that we are all unique… there will never be another human like you or me to ever exist again. But this seems chaotic to me. Fortunately, I guess, the Universe has a plan… maybe like the heartbeat of the earth keeping us all in rythym as we dance the dance of life.

I want to be around people who are experiencing their life purpose, people who are aware of it. I think this will help me discover my path. I’ve come up with a number of things that I’m trying to do… I’m trying to vocalize it… phrase it… discuss it… one concept is “Documenting the Future”.

I absolutely LOVE the fact that I can add video and photos to this blog. I’ve tried to have a blog before but I didn’t keep up with it, I get picky about the little details… maybe that’s why my business is not clear to me. I’m too picky about the details. Instead, all I have to do is trust my intuition and breed success.

I’ve always thought if I had a magazine article or something I could routinely write it would need a very specific focus. But in a way that bores me. Although, I just read about Rocketboom being sold to Sony for 7 figures. It is about content and ideas and information. But if I can write and somehow make it interesting for someone to read my fear comes from not being accepted. That’s why I don’t feel like I could try and promote this blog, my thoughts are too random… too all over the place. We’ll see how this develops over time. Maybe it will become an exercise in helping me truly focus. Because at this point I have no idea who I’m writing this to, myself or you. Although I don’t even know who you might be because I imagine I’m the only one reading this, and I’ll only read it as I type it because I rarely re-read, I would only look back on this in no less than 1 year. A lot can happen in 1 year. I intend the next year to be very prosperous for myself and TecPro.