Video production is a very broad category, and there are many independent content creators and producers. If you look at the website of an independent video producer you will most likely see that they offer a variety of production services and can cater to almost any need. Some producers market themselves to a specific niche, such as wedding videos but many of these producers will pick up work doing whatever videos come their way.

Working independently is challenging and competitive.

A step up from independent producers are the business owners of video production companies; they employ full time creative talent and sales staff. These companies can target larger contracts with their increased experience, credibility, and production value and quality. I like to point out the fact that productions with lots of credits are generally a higher caliber than productions with one or two people in the credits.

Some video production companies provide a general production service, which seems to be more common for the ones that provide a service to businesses versus the production companies that work in a niche and seem to be creators of content for broadcast.

With the opportunities created by the internet some video production companies are creating a business model around worldwide content creation and many production companies are beginning to target web distribution as a specific sales tool.

Now, moving up the scale of production companies we have larger media companies that own at least one method of distribution, this may include a television channel or network or a distribution entity.

Looking at the world of business I realize that to be successful one has to find something unique and competitively advantageous while understanding the economic trends and opportunities of the future. I believe building a successful video production company involves finding a niche. While, creating a successful media company involves owning a distribution outlet through the means of either building or buying.

Spending my time, trying to sell small corporate videos makes sense to pay the bills… but I have no long term interest in doing this. In fact, I feel that it is almost counterproductive, and if I want to strengthen my skills and become a great Director of Photography, Director and Writer I would be far better off getting a job at another production company.

But my personal goals are to create compelling content after the age of 30 when I can spend more time writing, more focused. Up to that point I want to reach my financial goals that will grow my asset column to sustain my lifestyle. This also includes my personal intention of building an online media distribution outlet to share with producers from around the world.

If the first step is to create the video production company what is the niche? Viral videos could be considered a niche. It’s a term that more and more businesses and marketers are becoming aware of. It’s the transition from a 20th century marketing model to a 21st century method of involving the consumer and creating an interaction.

This could work for producing videos of a corporate marketing nature, but can we diversify our productions without losing credibility? I believe if we stick to the internet it improves our credibility. But, traditionally video production is either corporate, broadcast, or commercial. And to be commercial takes a lot of credibility, creativity, and reputation. What about broadcast?

Broadcast video production starts with a broadcaster (television network) signing onto an idea and paying a percentage of the production budget. The remainder of the production budget has to be created, typically from grants, sponsorships, ad placement, private funding or from the production company producing the show. Successful shows can negotiate more lucrative contracts if more episodes are going to be produced.

The internet is changing the face of media, its changing the game. And while some companies scatter to adopt new methods of content delivery the surface is only being scratched. Technology is creating new delivery methods at faster speeds and higher quality than originally thought possible or even considered. Televisions are now being manufactured with the capability of plugging directly into the internet, which leads to the possibility of an infinite amount of channels and content for the viewer. Moreover it’s changing the advertising and pricing game.

The future of business is about partnerships, it’s becoming about the consumer and the employee. The economy of the world is changing. Global opportunities exist like never before. And leading this change is information.

The online world is changing the face of media. Almost everyone has access to a camera and a computer, and it’s changing the way people are being entertained. Will there always be a need for professionally produced media?

I believe there is an urgency to get in this game and to build a superior business model to our online competition.