Between Darwin and Hawking I am struck with a great appreciation for life. In the small scientific possibility of human life here we are. What a truly amazing opportunity we have to experience the power of creation. Through the atomic journey, from the creation of our Universe to life on earth, evolution has brought us here.

The human journey takes an incredible turn with the possibility of self awareness. My journey of self awareness has led me to a wonderful belief about an all encompassing energy system that some might refer to as God. This energy gives birth to a number of experiential realms including the material world as we know it. I believe other realms include dimensions of a higher and lower energy frequency. There may be realms parallel to our own material world and even a ghost world.

Through Vipassana I received an insight about what hell might be like, could it be the spiritual essence of a tree? This is not to say that there is anything wrong with a tree, but the experience would be a long long period
of being contained in such a living object that is harassed by the elements and has intense pressure within. However, now that I explore the idea, why would a tree have intense pressure within?

It was just a thought. But, thinking of today’s Darwin lecture with Professor Daniel Dennett, this is one of those “need to know” things. Do we need to know the greater reality to our existence? Even if we can understand it could it be explained as a universal truth? But I feel that we are currently losing our sense of reality as religion besets us and science reaches the limits of the physical universe. Where are we left?

I fear that the loss of our moral appreciation for the beauty of life may result in the destruction of our planet. And the many will lose out to the selfish actions of the few. All in the name of modernization.

My offer to correct the devilish acts of humanity is to let the artists do the talking and show our reality as well as beautiful images for a harmonious and sustainable future. I intend to do this through a new communication platform that allows consumers to be openly educated with the opportunity to make wise and well informed purchasing decisions.