The Internet doesn’t work. Not for me at least. Sure, it’s a great tool and has spawned a mess of great achievement and innovation. But I feel trapped in the dumpster.

As an artist I need a tool to manage my creations, to work from scratch or collaborate with other artists. This tool ought to publish my work and let me sustain my ability to create and serve others. Funded through royalties, from either its commercialized success or through support from the audience. But the shadow looms.

I still feel the tentacles of yesterday’s society pulling me back from breaking through into something beautiful and amazing. Ideas, lost like yesterday’s milkshake shamelessly left on the roof of the car as it peels out of a grungy parking lot. Where I go from here I do not know. Will we go together? I can only hope so.

Years upon years (well, five to be exact) of scrutinizing planning and scouring for an answer that will let me blossom into the artist that I yearn, no, crave, to be. And tomorrow the wheel will spin just like today, the same rhythm, trapped at the hub seeing not the world but the routine cycle of familiarity. Now it’s clear, we will not arrive at a destination without first departing from where we are and letting go of where we were. It’s time to weave a new story, and set forth an adventure that calls out the other artists to come along for the ride and shape the journey into something unique and amazing.

Into the darkness we will plummet, bonded by our creative spirit and in a cry of honour and glory. Humanity shall be transformed by the purposeful and divine nature of those who wish to be one. In flight across the seas, into the heavens that befall the earth, tomorrow will arrive with light and meaning in a masterful eruption of celebration and wisdom. Today will be a wisp of the distant past as the moment expands into eternity.

… let the story begin