Show concept for Speakers

I am not a sheep! Okay, maybe I graze a little. But it’s not my fault . These pastures are full of juicy ads and repetitive messaging it’s hard not to fall in line with the crowd.

Let me peel away the sheep’s clothing for a moment and pretend to be the herder. With an ear to the ground and my sights all around I am in a position to connect with the ..

Here Comes The Blur

Three breeds of zombies with one in your head.

The time isn’t so and so it begins, the journey of opportunities comes with a wind. Towards or away it’s course may stray as we enter the dawn of a new day.

Let our stories be told and a bright future unfold.

Together in rhythm and rhyme while losing track of time.

The end is the beginning.


It’s all you. Love or hate, it’s against yourself. This is our ultimate truth.

Seen or unseen, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Remember, there are no rules.

Balance breaths power into the soul.

You are made up of infinite potential. Together we share the same motivation of curiosity. Let’s see what happens as this story unfolds.

Not today but right now.

Viva Not.


Labels are words given to things, together we share our stories, communicating experiences of life and love.

Art is our expression of the world we share. A common reality with no rules only laws. Natural laws specific to this shared reality.

It isn’t so

Ron is by no stretch of the imagination an ordinary fellow. Mostly a quiet loner he does enjoy the occasional walk in the park. Not to be confused with your typical outdoor park with grass, trees, birds and bees but the metaphorical playground of Ron’s mind.

On a good day the path is quiet, reserved and clean. But on an average day the journey is wrought with noise and abstractions of the most indistinguishable nature.

It begins.

In the darkness I begin to create. One word, one thought, one idea at a time. Not for you, whomever you are, but for the process and the requirement of the creative to have an outlet, a voice: to be heard.

In the darkness I begin to write.