Every once in a while I remember I have a blog. Actually, I don’t remember. It’s not some grand thought in my head that says, “Oh Ya! You have a blog!” In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I don’t think of it at all. I stumble upon it.

Today I was at Social Media Breakfast Calgary volunteering as the audio-visual technician. One of the attendees, Emily, re-tweeted a thank you to the sponsors of the event, I’m one of those sponsors. Emily is image shaping. She is a content provider, deep thinker and pursuer, with great impetus, of the extraordinary. At least that’s what it says in her Twitter description. Intrigued I clicked the link to her About.me page and suddenly I remembered I also have an About.me page! Curious if any of the links are still valid I click over (yes, I just switched from past to present tense) to my page and see a link to my Word Press site. Oh ya, I have a blog!

And here we are.

My last post was July 20, 2012. Five days more than two years ago.

And how the world has changed. Or more accurately, how my perception of the reality that we experience as “our world” has changed.

It’s 4:20pm MST. My summary of the last two years in one sentence is: The discovery of an excellent fried egg sandwich has changed everything.

That’s not only one of the worst sentences I’ve ever written, it’s a terrible summary and an awful way to end this blog post. Oh well, I take solace in the fact every one of us has a shadow.

Peace, Love, Happiness and Harmony.