Are we ready for deeper and faster scientific advancement? Are we ready to rock the economic structures our societies are based upon?

Experiments like the double slit experiment and concepts like quantum computing only scratch the surface of the spirit of the Universe.

A major caveat to scientific advancement is the spiritual awakening of each individual scientist. A spiritual experience is a unique scientific experiment conducted by the observer. Since no 2 observers can occupy the same space and time with the same prior sensory experiences each experiment is entirely unique to each observer. A cumulation of spiritual experiences results in a spiritual awakening. How many spiritual experiences is particular to each observer. The description of an awakening is also unique to each observer. Is there a process of verification to determine whether one has truly had a spiritual awakening or not? Is an awakening a prerequisite for advanced scientific experiments?

The Universe as an intelligent source of energy holds limitless bounds of possibility. The potential of which is limited only by the structures, systems and ideas of humanity. The economic system of the 20th century is based in the concept of scarcity. If energy cannot be created nor destroyed but only transmuted do we live in a scarce system or an abundant system? Is it a mater of perspective? If we have half a glass of water and the water in the glass will never increase or decrease but it can be converted to different forms and always return to the glass filling exactly half is the glass half empty or half full? Consider the simplicity of the question. Without getting too smart about it, both answers are correct and its entirely a matter of personal perception. Do we live in a scarce environment or an abundant one? If the amount of energy is the same regardless then the answer to that question is entirely up to you.

What will the world look like if our economic structure is based on the perspective of abundance instead of scarcity?