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Immediately, be aware of your breath. Pause. In. Out. Feel the rhythm. Feel the flow. Become aware of the sensation of your chest lifting, the air touching your nostrils.

In this moment feel, the sensations at the tip of your fingers, the tips of your toes. The top of your head.

Be the breath. Pause. In. Out.

Let the thoughts slip away and become fully present of your body. No thoughts. Just you. Your being. Your self. Let your self slip away. Be the breath. Just the breath. Let the breath fade. Become the space. Open to the expansiveness of space. Become the Universe.

Awaken and just be.

An imperfecto manifesto

Today a new moment has arisen. In the blessed light of the last moment; the next moment breaks the bond of darkness to share the spark of eternity. Forever is nothing more than an instant carrying with it an inconvenient pleasure, an attachment to what was but will never be. The shimmer of a reflection, biased in its beauty of pure majesty, rippling outward in a pulse of radiant life. The tremor of the ten thousand things as it touches the heart seeking truth. Unknowingly absent of purity in the paradox of its self-existence. The flutter of a butterfly ultimately drawing the metaphor of a rapture, impermanence in the cycle of life and the becoming of beauty in transformation. On this day the awakening of the soul to an ephemeral existence enveloped in the ultimate truth of perpetual peace, trapped in the enigma of tomorrow and that which never occurs but is always here. The primordial gasp of the greatest realization; to be one and all within the same breath releasing a soft wink from the heavens as the veil is dropped and the mystery fades. Drama loses its lustre and dragons dissolve into the ether, the beloved opens to a warm embrace, a cataclysmic transmutation of self in post modern discovery of subtle knowing and no-thingness.

A Reason For Being

Between Darwin and Hawking I am struck with a great appreciation for life. In the small scientific possibility of human life here we are. What a truly amazing opportunity we have to experience the power of creation. Through the atomic journey, from the creation of our Universe to life on earth, evolution has brought us here.

The human journey takes an incredible turn with the possibility of self awareness. My journey of self awareness has led me to a wonderful belief about an all encompassing energy system that some might refer to as God. This energy gives birth to a number of experiential realms including the material world as we know it. I believe other realms include dimensions of a higher and lower energy frequency. There may be realms parallel to our own material world and even a ghost world.

Through Vipassana I received an insight about what hell might be like, could it be the spiritual essence of a tree? This is not to say that there is anything wrong with a tree, but the experience would be a long long period
of being contained in such a living object that is harassed by the elements and has intense pressure within. However, now that I explore the idea, why would a tree have intense pressure within?

It was just a thought. But, thinking of today’s Darwin lecture with Professor Daniel Dennett, this is one of those “need to know” things. Do we need to know the greater reality to our existence? Even if we can understand it could it be explained as a universal truth? But I feel that we are currently losing our sense of reality as religion besets us and science reaches the limits of the physical universe. Where are we left?

I fear that the loss of our moral appreciation for the beauty of life may result in the destruction of our planet. And the many will lose out to the selfish actions of the few. All in the name of modernization.

My offer to correct the devilish acts of humanity is to let the artists do the talking and show our reality as well as beautiful images for a harmonious and sustainable future. I intend to do this through a new communication platform that allows consumers to be openly educated with the opportunity to make wise and well informed purchasing decisions.

Web Business

How has the structure of business changed as we forge ahead on the internet? I’ve seen some interesting ideas online where the functionality just doesn’t work, and with so many websites I just give up on returning to the site. How can a site hit critical mass and become a daily stop for the browsers of the world? And what is to be expected with sites launching in Beta?

My Understanding of the Industry I am in.

Video production is a very broad category, and there are many independent content creators and producers. If you look at the website of an independent video producer you will most likely see that they offer a variety of production services and can cater to almost any need. Some producers market themselves to a specific niche, such as wedding videos but many of these producers will pick up work doing whatever videos come their way.

Working independently is challenging and competitive.

A step up from independent producers are the business owners of video production companies; they employ full time creative talent and sales staff. These companies can target larger contracts with their increased experience, credibility, and production value and quality. I like to point out the fact that productions with lots of credits are generally a higher caliber than productions with one or two people in the credits.

Some video production companies provide a general production service, which seems to be more common for the ones that provide a service to businesses versus the production companies that work in a niche and seem to be creators of content for broadcast.

With the opportunities created by the internet some video production companies are creating a business model around worldwide content creation and many production companies are beginning to target web distribution as a specific sales tool.

Now, moving up the scale of production companies we have larger media companies that own at least one method of distribution, this may include a television channel or network or a distribution entity.

Looking at the world of business I realize that to be successful one has to find something unique and competitively advantageous while understanding the economic trends and opportunities of the future. I believe building a successful video production company involves finding a niche. While, creating a successful media company involves owning a distribution outlet through the means of either building or buying.

Spending my time, trying to sell small corporate videos makes sense to pay the bills… but I have no long term interest in doing this. In fact, I feel that it is almost counterproductive, and if I want to strengthen my skills and become a great Director of Photography, Director and Writer I would be far better off getting a job at another production company.

But my personal goals are to create compelling content after the age of 30 when I can spend more time writing, more focused. Up to that point I want to reach my financial goals that will grow my asset column to sustain my lifestyle. This also includes my personal intention of building an online media distribution outlet to share with producers from around the world.

If the first step is to create the video production company what is the niche? Viral videos could be considered a niche. It’s a term that more and more businesses and marketers are becoming aware of. It’s the transition from a 20th century marketing model to a 21st century method of involving the consumer and creating an interaction.

This could work for producing videos of a corporate marketing nature, but can we diversify our productions without losing credibility? I believe if we stick to the internet it improves our credibility. But, traditionally video production is either corporate, broadcast, or commercial. And to be commercial takes a lot of credibility, creativity, and reputation. What about broadcast?

Broadcast video production starts with a broadcaster (television network) signing onto an idea and paying a percentage of the production budget. The remainder of the production budget has to be created, typically from grants, sponsorships, ad placement, private funding or from the production company producing the show. Successful shows can negotiate more lucrative contracts if more episodes are going to be produced.

The internet is changing the face of media, its changing the game. And while some companies scatter to adopt new methods of content delivery the surface is only being scratched. Technology is creating new delivery methods at faster speeds and higher quality than originally thought possible or even considered. Televisions are now being manufactured with the capability of plugging directly into the internet, which leads to the possibility of an infinite amount of channels and content for the viewer. Moreover it’s changing the advertising and pricing game.

The future of business is about partnerships, it’s becoming about the consumer and the employee. The economy of the world is changing. Global opportunities exist like never before. And leading this change is information.

The online world is changing the face of media. Almost everyone has access to a camera and a computer, and it’s changing the way people are being entertained. Will there always be a need for professionally produced media?

I believe there is an urgency to get in this game and to build a superior business model to our online competition.

Question My Sanity or Purpose To My Passion?

January 6, 2009

Maybe I can write honestly… compellingly. I over think everything. I want to try and explain the self turmoil I am facing.. what I am feeling.

Somewhere I got the idea that in this lifetime we can choose love over fear, it’s a choice. And there is no right choice. Whatever we choose just is. But, if enough of us come together and choose love over fear we will create a beautiful world to live in. I thought the opposite would be self-destruction… but it could be an over domination of pain or greed. I was never really sure what. Well, the movie Zeitgeist put an image to mind of what the world is leading to if we as people remain ignorant.

And I almost don’t  think I can write fast enough about this topic, but I feel an urge and a sense to write. If someone else is writing the exact same thing as me than I guess I would like to meet that person, whereas my first reaction was always to not write. Fear of getting noticed maybe, fear of “plagiarizing.” Whatever it was I am writing now, and it’s a start.

The educational system is flawed and yet I believe that the power of the internet and sharing and the freedom of information is what will save society from the restraints and misguidance of government. I had always thought the American government was flawed, where did that thought come from? But now I am hearing about our Canadian government supporting and following suit to the Americans. But why should I be surprised, if it’s American greed; and by that I refer to the people at the top who control all of the money. American businesses have been buying Canadian businesses for years, the Hudson’s Bay Company… Canada’s oldest company was bought last year.

I live my life thinking I can make a difference, feeling like I can make a difference. And there is a sense of urgency, so I ask for advice and the first thing I am told is that I need clarity. So I seek clarity. And in my search for clarity the ideas are more complex than I originally thought and they require funding. But I have no financial, um, manners is what I will call it. Like millions of other Canadians I grew up without a decent education of money. Over the past 5 years I have been trying to educate myself through books, but habits are hard to break and I have discovered I do not know how to ask for money. But financial education aside I am still working on my clarity. I do my best to come up with the numbers based on the knowledge I have obtained. However, every time I take my ideas to someone they focus on whatever flaw jumps out at them. Granted, this has helped me develop the ideas and I feel its been a necessary step. But, now with the main concept complete and having shown a handful of people I haven’t met the right people and because of that I lost some steam. I became depressed and unsure of myself.

However, once again I come across information that persuades me to act one way or another on my stirring emotions.

I’ll admit, I could have been better with my finances but over the past few months I have been working hard trying to figure out what I can do to move in a forward direction. And in the process my bills have gone unpaid and I have accumulated, what is to me, massive debt. I’m finally at my bottom, waiting for a $300 check that will help me pay this months rent. But my fear of the gas being shutoff escalates. I have milk and bread, though my cell phone has been cut off and there is a chance the internet may be cut off. I’m hoping it stays connected long enough for me to finish writing this.

I feel that everything I am compelled to accomplish can be done starting with the internet, but technology has become so overwhelming with the rapid advancements and changes. Even the internet has become a bottomless pit of information and I am amazed at how people find new things, let alone interesting things. I have come across countless video sharing sites, social networking sites, information sites, online stores, and blogs that I wonder how can anybody manage their intake of all this information?

The picture in my head is of the internet becoming simplified in the years to come, and this will be thanks to the commercialization and adoption of new business models online. Although there are a few economic principles I have yet to understand that will help me wrap my head around the future of the internet, but I can already see the great potential to share the wealth with the masses. Through the simplification process and the ability for talented and skilled individuals to create income the internet revolution can build a sort of balance to the world. Like a giant bridge or platform to share ideas, resources, talent, skills, and information. I believe it starts with the communication and education of systems that are just starting to be developed. Systems that will see exponential growth in the years to come.

Balance will come through an equal communication platform, maybe Wikipedia is the start of it or at least the pioneer of it. But news, information, documentaries, stories, and education is fundamental. And those things are still very fragmented and scattered online. Above that, for these systems and processes to create sustainable business models advertising will play a fundamental role, but this too is very disorganized.

Interestingly, the ideas I have been working on for the past 3 years create a model that contributes to sharing, teaching, and funding the ongoing and organized growth of new internet businesses and communications.

Disappointingly, I have no money to pay the $12.95 to register the web domain to get started. And my debt creates much emotional turbulence that is impacting my performance and confidence. I have a problem asking for money, although I started to. But, it seems like nobody has any money. It could be that this whole idea is a flop, or I could be 3 feet from gold.

If there is any purpose to what I am doing maybe, just maybe, the right person will show up asking the right questions. I believe I have the answers.

A Beautiful Thing


Life is a beautiful thing, we take it for granted; although that is most likely the result of our upbringing and the influence of society. But, it’s time to remember at your deepest essence who you really are, why you are really here, and what it all is.

What it all is?

Scientific advances in the fields of Quantum Mechanics and Particle Theory have touched on some very fascinating discoveries. I’m not sure what the most recent experiments are, but at the very essence absolutely everything in existence and out side of “existence,” or manifested reality, is all made up of energy. But what is energy? In grade school we learn about various categorizations of energy such as mechanical, electric, kinetic, but what is energy at the most fundamental level? Concepts can be explained, but to truly understand its potential one must experience it, become aware of it, and share it.

Smile, because the source of all things is accessible to all things. You just have to ask where to look.


Everybody has a purpose, everything has a purpose. If we take the time to define our purpose we can begin to feel it and live it… set a vision around it, and create goals that take us where we want to go.

Well, the internet is truly a revolutionary place? It’s not a tangible thing, what is the internet?

My goal in writing this blog is to document my thoughts, my direction, my purpose. And maybe I’ll even get some readers who share a commonality with me and together we may work on a project together. Now that would be awesome!

So what is my purpose? Well, I’ve been trying to figure that out. I feel this urge to create media, videos, entertainment. But I keep holding myself back. Why? I guess if I can’t come up with a clear vision I feel like I would be wasting my time. I’ve done many projects before that have felt incomplete, but I may never return to them. I should clarify, for the time being… until this blog develops its own direction its purpose is a place for me to articulate my thoughts about my work. The world is becoming more collaborative and open than ever before, and the point is we can all share our information for the best. The greatest achievement will be the discovery that we are all unique… there will never be another human like you or me to ever exist again. But this seems chaotic to me. Fortunately, I guess, the Universe has a plan… maybe like the heartbeat of the earth keeping us all in rythym as we dance the dance of life.

I want to be around people who are experiencing their life purpose, people who are aware of it. I think this will help me discover my path. I’ve come up with a number of things that I’m trying to do… I’m trying to vocalize it… phrase it… discuss it… one concept is “Documenting the Future”.

I absolutely LOVE the fact that I can add video and photos to this blog. I’ve tried to have a blog before but I didn’t keep up with it, I get picky about the little details… maybe that’s why my business is not clear to me. I’m too picky about the details. Instead, all I have to do is trust my intuition and breed success.

I’ve always thought if I had a magazine article or something I could routinely write it would need a very specific focus. But in a way that bores me. Although, I just read about Rocketboom being sold to Sony for 7 figures. It is about content and ideas and information. But if I can write and somehow make it interesting for someone to read my fear comes from not being accepted. That’s why I don’t feel like I could try and promote this blog, my thoughts are too random… too all over the place. We’ll see how this develops over time. Maybe it will become an exercise in helping me truly focus. Because at this point I have no idea who I’m writing this to, myself or you. Although I don’t even know who you might be because I imagine I’m the only one reading this, and I’ll only read it as I type it because I rarely re-read, I would only look back on this in no less than 1 year. A lot can happen in 1 year. I intend the next year to be very prosperous for myself and TecPro.