The Transparent Blockchain Paradox

If a ruling authority wants to maintain control over the people they need fear in the people because the people have more collective energy than the ruling authority will ever have. No amount of technology will change that. David Wilcock, UFO expert, says only 2% of extraterrestrial species are malevolent. We live in a world which is wildly benevolent.

When we experience fear we are out of balance in the lower chakras. Safety, survival and security affect our root and sacral chakras.

If we are out of balance, if we are in great danger and serious fear we are stuck in the medulla oblongata and are unable to use the frontal cortex and our reasoning sense. This is also correlated to our higher chakras, including our throat and our third eye. We may be completely unable to see and speak truth. We may still feel it in our heart or our solar plexus but completely disconnected from our higher and lower chakras and thus out of balance.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance to root and ground, breath and allow. The decisions of others are not our responsibility. If in the moment you have an immediate opportunity to be of service to someone on their karmic journey and stop a major moral sin of murder or some misconduct then if it would be of great service and it resonates step in! Most of the time we would need to go looking for trouble to encounter these situations. And looking for trouble invites trouble.

Ghandi may have the best advice to lead a peaceful ThrivEvolution.

A brother just shared concerns about safety and security which sparked this post because it’s a gateway to a free and open path, but it’s a paradox. The feeling of surveillance and technological control drives the desire to push it all away. However, by embracing it the tables turn and the people become the ones who create the foundation of trust on which we share our true authentic selves in a digital landscape.

You see?

An authority hides itself behind a curtain through which it watches all the people. If the people voluntarily share with each other that which the authority tries to control they invite everyone to participate equally. Only those who refuse to participate stay in the shadows. And as more people step out of the shadows to show their true selves it becomes a choice for absolutely everyone whether they will be seen or not.

Well, here is the real spiritual test. Who will hold contempt, hatred and judgement in their hearts? We are not responsible for judging each other. The great laws of the Universe define a self fullfilling system of cause and effect, reciprocity and attraction. Each living being faces the true justice of the Universe through the creation of their own journey whether it’s on a path of misery and suffering or on a path of liberation and peace.

We are at a monumental moment in our spiritual evolution where every single one of us has an opportunity to choose the path we want to walk on. The spiritual teachings available to us today were not available 1000 years ago. The Internet is a profound gift. And while there are feelings of conflict and division and negativity those only exist on the path that leads to suffering.

Here we are at the fork in the road. Every single one of us is the hero in our own story, which road will you choose to walk down? There is no right or wrong choice.

If we invite each other to share our digital identities transparently it means having your own non-fungible digital token. There will only ever be one. Either it gets created in the metaverse and it’s fabricated by the authority. Or, we create it on a cooperative blockchain that represents true democracy. One member, one vote. No hiding behind an avatar, but we can still have privacy. We can respect the private choices of one another with boundaries and shared values. When any one of us break those boundaries there will be governance to facilitate decision making and accountability. Unlike an admiral law or maritime law we will face each other, our brothers and sisters with compassion and firmness when it is needed. Together, we the people, will decide the justice. But the justice comes from a greater awareness and an evolution of consciousness, unlike 1000 years ago when ego dominated over the spiritual plane. This is a time for a spiritual foundation upon which we will rise and elevate our collective conscious to make decisions and build an infrastructure to support the spiritual awakening of every man, woman and child as it is their birthright. Within everyone is the fundamental idea of God. Call it what you will. The source, the creator, the great spirit, the Universe. Let’s start with the breath and work our way up from there.

Is it time for science to return to spirituality?

Are we ready for deeper and faster scientific advancement? Are we ready to rock the economic structures our societies are based upon?

Experiments like the double slit experiment and concepts like quantum computing only scratch the surface of the spirit of the Universe.

A major caveat to scientific advancement is the spiritual awakening of each individual scientist. A spiritual experience is a unique scientific experiment conducted by the observer. Since no 2 observers can occupy the same space and time with the same prior sensory experiences each experiment is entirely unique to each observer. A cumulation of spiritual experiences results in a spiritual awakening. How many spiritual experiences is particular to each observer. The description of an awakening is also unique to each observer. Is there a process of verification to determine whether one has truly had a spiritual awakening or not? Is an awakening a prerequisite for advanced scientific experiments?

The Universe as an intelligent source of energy holds limitless bounds of possibility. The potential of which is limited only by the structures, systems and ideas of humanity. The economic system of the 20th century is based in the concept of scarcity. If energy cannot be created nor destroyed but only transmuted do we live in a scarce system or an abundant system? Is it a mater of perspective? If we have half a glass of water and the water in the glass will never increase or decrease but it can be converted to different forms and always return to the glass filling exactly half is the glass half empty or half full? Consider the simplicity of the question. Without getting too smart about it, both answers are correct and its entirely a matter of personal perception. Do we live in a scarce environment or an abundant one? If the amount of energy is the same regardless then the answer to that question is entirely up to you.

What will the world look like if our economic structure is based on the perspective of abundance instead of scarcity?

The Carbons – Who You Foolin’?

The Carbons – Who You Foolin’?

Produced April 2018. Shot in Kelowna, BC.

Performers: Tomy Thisdale, Natte Murdoch, Connor McDonald, Leah Kichler, Amanda Jane Cawley
Director: Michael Se Elliott
Director of Photography: Travis Cross
Edited by Michael Se Elliott

The Writer

For my mom.

A chilly Wednesday.

The magazine delivery man is late again and this damn typewriter is jammed. It doesn't really matter I guess I've finished what I set out to do. The stack of manuscript pages sits on my desk taunting me. Nothing to see here I shout in mind to the people passing by on the street below my apartment window. A half lit cigarette continues to smoulder in the ashtray beside my twitching hand.

I'm this close to flying off the handle into a complete and utter rage that will leave no table unturned in this abysmal apartment which still has the reminants of last weeks cyclone. Why do I try. The clock ticks slowly from the kitchen, a haunting reminder of the doom that lingers. 45 minutes. Why do we create deadlines? I didn't create this one. Why do we make promises than? I needed the money. There's no money. There was hope for money.

It's the unintelligble hope that caresses my mind every time I see a sweep of beauty it could be sunset, a puppy or the girl next door. It doesn't matter. I'm lost now. No time for another rewrite. The silliest part of all this that no one understands. People go about their daily undertakings without a second thought, the agony of a writer must go on. Why then, why are we so taunted with this dark misery that haunts our beings calling to us from the other side of the veil. Some feignt hope of being seen or discovered, or at least waking people up to a truth that life has more depth and meaning than they might otherwise understand. How about the damn truth of injustice that is our world. A monarchy of restraint that is our capitalist world and we are slaves to our new king and queen the almighty dollar and the corporation.

But aren't we all aware of it now. Is there but a hope left even if it means breaking the mental chain to the marketing engine that captivates us and enslaves us in the daily drive for God knows what. And now I must turn over my inner workings and reveal the deep part of myself that even I'm resistant to face out of sheer judgemental fear. Actually it's a doomsday feeling that when I finally relinquish this deep part of my soul into the crisp judgemental world I may be left without another hope in the world and a letter will arrive at my doorstep straight from the Prime Minister's office stamped by the United Nations council. A thanks but no thanks. You're being here is no longer needed or warranted and on your way out please leave your personal belongings, that includes your clothes.. they were after all created in the acceptable world, the one we are telling you you are no longer welcome in. The system works just fine the way it is, thank you very much.

Why would we want you to think and much less share those thoughts. If you want to pick up a shovel you can get in line and we might find some scraps to feed you, but unless you are willing to grunt then you're on your own. Oh, and don't think about using any of our boats to get off the island. Those are for the dignified. And you are just hopeless.

Chime, the clock strikes 12. And before it hits the last note the phone rings, an old twentieth century rotary phone that pulses when you dial. The hairs raise on the back of my neck as I take one last quick look at the manuscript and the cigarette thinking I could burn it and jump out the window which may be easier than facing what is about to come.

The fourth ring.

I slowly reach for the phone. "Are you sitting down?"

I have no words, I just sit stone cold in silence.

"It's good. It's really good. Their going to send it to publishing next week. You can keep the advance."

The pit in my stomach releases in my eye. The street below doesn't look as dull and dreary as it once did. How is it possible that the world can change in a single instance. Who carries the power to unlock the potential and the freedom, whose choice is it to decide who moves forward.

Why me?

Blog Entry

This is my … blog. A place to write and be candid, and sometimes ferociously modern. Life began, not as a box of chocolates. But, closer resembling a variety box of donuts. Not all of them are cut the same way and others are rather spendid.

This is the concept of a social sharing network… the Internet.

I was told long ago to capitalize the letter ‘I’ in the word Internet.

Spell check wanted me to take the z out of capitalize…. ooooh.

It’s time for some Script and Chill.

Readers read, musicians play, and all of the others rhyme away.


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