Quotes from the I-Ching

Give solace where there is pain.

Hold to innocence, sincerity and openness.

Meet everyone with tolerance and gentle goodwill.

Look for the good in others.

Put forth an effort that is innocent, sincere and balanced.

If fears or doubt intrude, remain quietly focused on the activity at hand.

Restore inner balance.

Return to equanimity.

Cultivate inner independence.

Trust the leadership of the Sage.

Quiet your ego.

Make humility and acceptance your primary goals.

By persevering in what is true and good you build the foundation upon which good fortune can come to rest.

Achieve true inner calm.

Thought of the day

It’s simply
by accepting
you are
and what you have
that you become
all you are meant to be.

And therein lies true happiness.
(real happiness)

2016 is Stepping Forward

I need somewhere to share the progression and development of the businesses I am working on. It’s no longer good enough to work in silo. And 2016 is the year that I face my fears and move forward with the hopes, visions and dreams I’ve been dancing with for the past 8 years.

What I really want is for work to be effective and efficient.

I want the systems to flow smoothly and easily.

I want everything to be logical and sensible.

I want to successfully and momentously fulfill our mission.

The mission of Grand Cross Media is to create media for a new paradigm, films, tv, games while supporting small businesses to grow and thrive.

The mission of Not.Global is to empower artists and creators to work together and prosper.


Cashflow is the next step.

Having a clear set of financial statements and a clear reporting system is next. The first decision is whether to store our books on our local computer or on Intuit’s servers. Each has its pros and cons. However, in this moment I think it would be beneficial if we stored it on Intuit’s servers for ease of access… although, if traveling abroad what’s to stop someone from seeing the books if we access them? Although if we lost a laptop or maybe even the file stored in Dropbox isn’t a secure solution?

Intuit it is (higher self).

I’ve got my personal books on Quicken, and Grand Cross Media on Intuit.

Now, we need to figure out the operating costs for the next 6-12 months so we will attract the income necessary to stay in business. Income streams include:
Assets (Movies, TV Shows, Sell-able Products)




So next is communication… of course, next week I’m working on the product. But the product is sort of a tool for communication… hmm.. okay, not really.. not in the sense of communicating to the team and the world.. at least not yet.

Communications is NotNow.tv and NotRadio. Along with our newsletter and social media.


Systems… ah, okay… this is sort of built into the product, actually… yes, if done properly the product is a system that allows us to create our communications easier. And it allows others to communicate easier.


Legal, this needs some finessing and guidance. This is where our agreements and legal structure come into play. Along with the foundation to raise money and exit the venture in due time.


Product, the tip of the iceberg.


Finally Team and Leadership. These are the key support pillars. And in order to empower a team to have great leadership we need to have incentives and rewards, and clear communication along with a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities and who is accountable to which decision making rights.

My Journal Goes Public

Well… I seem to begin a lot of my journal entries with well.

It’s 8:38am.. I woke up at 1:30pm yesterday. I have just sat down with a cup of Salt Spring Island coffee in this beautiful downtown Kelowna condo that I am very grateful to be in as I write this on this wonderful, yet crisp November morning with a light dusting of fresh white snow covering the vehicles parked outside the window.

I’ve hesitated many times actually writing in a blog. Maybe I just hadn’t found my voice yet. Part of it simply felt too similar to a journal and I hesitated at the thought of boring you with every minute detail.

It was Saturday, and there was a distant hum in the air of the computer in the other room. I had left it on the night before after…

*yawn* B-O-O-O-O-R-R-R-I-N-G-!-!-!

Oh how I digress… and from what? My thoughts? Oh, ouch. How could I?

Laughing meme

Oh great, what have I done… I actually resorted to an animated GIF… too easy, too easy.

Well, in this day and age of Internet memes and …. that other thing…. it’s simply a matter of finding one’s own voice.. and having a fairly decent web server to rely on. As I type this the cursor lags behind. Maybe it’s that laughing meme. Dangit! Oh, how the Internet weaves its tricky web.

I’m writing this less as an outlet, more as a foundation for routine.. a challenge I guess. See, the best part about a blog like this is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Of course, part of the learning curve has been to be aware of what I say… publicly anyway. And well, anytime really. It goes a loooong way when we have control over our thoughts and consciously use that power. That’s a rambling for another day, however.

At this point, I am simply starting a journal. A public journal mind you. And it may seem weird, it may seem quirky, but if anything I hope it seems the least bit creative. I’m not as worried or concerned about what other people think… I’ve got a Universe of reasons to no longer care, and really… it’s none of my business what other people are thinking anyways.

So, onward and upward I say! To the great unknown, but with the compass set on positive intentions.

And today is a new day filled with possibility.

I began to write this because it is a new day, although it’s a long continuation of yesterday for those who have not yet retired to slumber city. There has been much change in the world, and there will continue to be much change in the world, so, there will be time to sleep when the ebb begins to flow. But, at in this moment it’s prime ebbing time and there is work to be done!

But first, meditation… and then… clear and focused work fueled by intention.

Have an inspiring day.