Aristocracy rapes the world

I suppose I could find satisfaction in writing a blog as a sole outlet of connection with humanity, however, it would certainly come with days of harrowing depression. Reading is a fine art, while interpreting the words is much more practical. A semi-vigilant act that occasionally leads to liberating scene of emphatic insight.

In the book “Crowdsourcing” by Jeff Howe chapter one reveals the roots of our modern day society as a time when, “the acquisition of money through labour (was) seen as a strictly lower-class endeavour.”

How then, did the aristocrats receive their bounty in life?

Show concept for Speakers

I am not a sheep! Okay, maybe I graze a little. But it’s not my fault . These pastures are full of juicy ads and repetitive messaging it’s hard not to fall in line with the crowd.

Let me peel away the sheep’s clothing for a moment and pretend to be the herder. With an ear to the ground and my sights all around I am in a position to connect with the ..