The Transparent Blockchain Paradox

If a ruling authority wants to maintain control over the people they need fear in the people because the people have more collective energy than the ruling authority will ever have. No amount of technology will change that. David Wilcock, UFO expert, says only 2% of extraterrestrial species are malevolent. We live in a world which is wildly benevolent.

When we experience fear we are out of balance in the lower chakras. Safety, survival and security affect our root and sacral chakras.

If we are out of balance, if we are in great danger and serious fear we are stuck in the medulla oblongata and are unable to use the frontal cortex and our reasoning sense. This is also correlated to our higher chakras, including our throat and our third eye. We may be completely unable to see and speak truth. We may still feel it in our heart or our solar plexus but completely disconnected from our higher and lower chakras and thus out of balance.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance to root and ground, breath and allow. The decisions of others are not our responsibility. If in the moment you have an immediate opportunity to be of service to someone on their karmic journey and stop a major moral sin of murder or some misconduct then if it would be of great service and it resonates step in! Most of the time we would need to go looking for trouble to encounter these situations. And looking for trouble invites trouble.

Ghandi may have the best advice to lead a peaceful ThrivEvolution.

A brother just shared concerns about safety and security which sparked this post because it’s a gateway to a free and open path, but it’s a paradox. The feeling of surveillance and technological control drives the desire to push it all away. However, by embracing it the tables turn and the people become the ones who create the foundation of trust on which we share our true authentic selves in a digital landscape.

You see?

An authority hides itself behind a curtain through which it watches all the people. If the people voluntarily share with each other that which the authority tries to control they invite everyone to participate equally. Only those who refuse to participate stay in the shadows. And as more people step out of the shadows to show their true selves it becomes a choice for absolutely everyone whether they will be seen or not.

Well, here is the real spiritual test. Who will hold contempt, hatred and judgement in their hearts? We are not responsible for judging each other. The great laws of the Universe define a self fullfilling system of cause and effect, reciprocity and attraction. Each living being faces the true justice of the Universe through the creation of their own journey whether it’s on a path of misery and suffering or on a path of liberation and peace.

We are at a monumental moment in our spiritual evolution where every single one of us has an opportunity to choose the path we want to walk on. The spiritual teachings available to us today were not available 1000 years ago. The Internet is a profound gift. And while there are feelings of conflict and division and negativity those only exist on the path that leads to suffering.

Here we are at the fork in the road. Every single one of us is the hero in our own story, which road will you choose to walk down? There is no right or wrong choice.

If we invite each other to share our digital identities transparently it means having your own non-fungible digital token. There will only ever be one. Either it gets created in the metaverse and it’s fabricated by the authority. Or, we create it on a cooperative blockchain that represents true democracy. One member, one vote. No hiding behind an avatar, but we can still have privacy. We can respect the private choices of one another with boundaries and shared values. When any one of us break those boundaries there will be governance to facilitate decision making and accountability. Unlike an admiral law or maritime law we will face each other, our brothers and sisters with compassion and firmness when it is needed. Together, we the people, will decide the justice. But the justice comes from a greater awareness and an evolution of consciousness, unlike 1000 years ago when ego dominated over the spiritual plane. This is a time for a spiritual foundation upon which we will rise and elevate our collective conscious to make decisions and build an infrastructure to support the spiritual awakening of every man, woman and child as it is their birthright. Within everyone is the fundamental idea of God. Call it what you will. The source, the creator, the great spirit, the Universe. Let’s start with the breath and work our way up from there.