An imperfecto manifesto

Today a new moment has arisen. In the blessed light of the last moment; the next moment breaks the bond of darkness to share the spark of eternity. Forever is nothing more than an instant carrying with it an inconvenient pleasure, an attachment to what was but will never be. The shimmer of a reflection, biased in its beauty of pure majesty, rippling outward in a pulse of radiant life. The tremor of the ten thousand things as it touches the heart seeking truth. Unknowingly absent of purity in the paradox of its self-existence. The flutter of a butterfly ultimately drawing the metaphor of a rapture, impermanence in the cycle of life and the becoming of beauty in transformation. On this day the awakening of the soul to an ephemeral existence enveloped in the ultimate truth of perpetual peace, trapped in the enigma of tomorrow and that which never occurs but is always here. The primordial gasp of the greatest realization; to be one and all within the same breath releasing a soft wink from the heavens as the veil is dropped and the mystery fades. Drama loses its lustre and dragons dissolve into the ether, the beloved opens to a warm embrace, a cataclysmic transmutation of self in post modern discovery of subtle knowing and no-thingness.